Estate Planning Services

David Elkin is an attorney whose practice is entirely devoted to estate planning and probate administration. If you want to protect your family and ensure that your wishes are respected, David Elkin can show you how estate planning can help you do the following:

Maintain Control over Property Distribution
You decide who gets what and when they get it.

Plan Guardianship
You don’t want the state to decide who should raise your minor children in the event of your untimely death.

Avoid Probate
Without planning, your assets may be tied up in probate for months, possibly years, upon your death, and your estate will be charged administrative fees.

Avoid Estate Tax
Why should the government get your hard-earned money after your death?

Keep Your Affairs Confidential
Your assets and the manner in which you distribute them can become a matter of public record.

Protect Against Disability
You can select someone to make medical and financial decisions for you if you become disabled and unable to make these decisions yourself.

Provide for a Special Needs Child
Special needs children can accumulate assets but still protect their government benefits.

Ensure That Your Health Care Wishes are Followed
You decide who will make health care decisions on your behalf in the event you become unable to do so.

Probate and Trust Administration
After a loved one passes away, confirm that the assets are distributed efficiently and that creditor’s claims are mitigated.

Not sure what services you need? David Elkin will meet you for a free initial consultation. You can explain what you want to achieve and any concerns you have. David will explain your options and the complete cost for each service. There are no hourly fees or hidden costs.

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